WAG – Family farm to family table

January 11, 2016

Having lunch with the Morano family at Lago, their restaurant in the Silver Lake section of Harrison, means knowing the warm embrace of an Italian family. The wine flows — as do several lines of conversation. The dishes keep coming — as do the laughs.

WAG first introduced you to Val Morano Sagliocco — scion of the family, director and principal designer of Morano Landscape Garden Design in Mamaroneck and co-owner of Ridgeway Garden Center in White Plains — in our June “Passion’s Tides” issue. A tiller of the soil with a head for business, Val explored the idea of planting olive trees in an underused section of the family’s ancestral estate in southern Italy’s Calabria region with his grandfather, Angelo, while he was still a teenager. Sadly, Angelo passed away a short time later in 2001. But Rosina — the eldest of Angelo’s three daughters and Val’s mother — was undeterred. She planted 2,000 2-year-old olive trees. (The olive grove, which is organically treated, totals about 30 acres.)

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